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Most mammals leave behind some record of their presence. For help identifying animal tracks in your area, enter a zip code or click on a section of the map below.

Polar Bear
© Stan Osolinski

Identifying Animal Tracks

Animal-tracking is a lot like detective work: you must know where to look and take note of the details. There is no point in searching for tracks on rocks, which are too hard for animal tracks to be preserved, and even in places where tracks are clearly visible, signs such as disturbed leaf litter or scratches on the bark of a tree can be just as useful but easy to overlook.

Once you've found some tracks, whether they're in mud, dust, sand, or snow, try to find the best individual track the animal left behind. Look for both front and hind prints; hind prints are usually smaller. It's a good idea to make a quick sketch of the best tracks, which not only provides a record of them but also focuses your attention on the small details that might otherwise be overlooked.

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