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Plants and animals have developed some unique defensive strategies: fangs, poisons, stinging tentacles. To learn more, enter a zip code or click on a section of the map below.

Desert Tarantula
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Poisonous Species
An animal is considered poisonous/venomous if it can either inject a poison into a person or produce a poison that is irritating to the touch or if ingested.

We consider a plant poisonous if ingestion of any part of the plant causes illness or if contact with the plant irritates the skin. We also identify the parts of the plant that are poisonous (e.g., the berries are poisonous if ingested). eNature recommends that people never eat any plant unless they are sure of its identification.

Any plant or animal that can potentially harm people is considered dangerous (e.g., this snake will strike repeatedly if cornered; its bite is not venomous). Where appropriate, we provide additional text (e.g., how to avoid and treat snakebites).

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