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Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge

The 13,000-acre Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge is intensively managed for waterfowl. Winter residents include about 6,000 Snow Geese, as well as Canada and Greater White-fronted Geese, and as many as 150,000 ducks, including Mallards, Black Ducks, Northern Pintails, Gadwalls, Blue-winged Teals, and Northern Shovelers. A few Bald Eagles winter here, and Golden Eagles are also sometimes seen. Nesting species at the refuge include Painted and Indigo Buntings, Dickcissels, Baltimore and Orchard Orioles, Mississippi Kites, several thousand Wood Ducks, and a large colony of Cattle Egrets. The refuge’s cultivated fields, impoundments, marshes, and bottomland hardwood forests support many species of reptiles and mammals: turtles, foxes, Bobcats, White-tailed Deer, Mink, Virginia Opossums, and American Alligators are commonly sighted.

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