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Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Many of the wildlife areas in North America are easily accessible: you merely have to drive up to the beach or lake or woodland path that is your destination. Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is different. You have to work a lot harder for your rewards. The 9,337 acres of boglands, streams, and marshes here are home to American Beavers, Common Muskrats, Northern River Otters, Moose, and Mink. Wonderful nesting birds such as American Bitterns and the Common Snipe share this refuge with Blue-winged Teals and Hooded Mergansers, among other waterfowl species. While beaver dams can sometimes make for tough paddling, canoeing is the best way to get around at Sunkhaze. Be sure to ask at headquarters for information on the best access routes.

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Featured Species at this park:

Ruffed Grouse

Red Maple

Hooded Merganser