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Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania

Located northwest of Philadelphia, this site is composed of twelve separate lookouts along the Kittatinny Ridge. It's possibly the oldest hawk observatory in the United States, having been consistently monitored since 1934. The site is managed by the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association, which charges an admission fee for non-members. The Appalachian contingent of the Broad-winged Hawk migration passes this point each year in mid-September. This is one of the best eastern sites for seeing Northern Harriers and Red-tailed Hawks. The diversity of species peaks in late September and early October when both accipiters and falcons are most common.

For more information, visit the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Web site.

Northern Harrier, immature

Northern Harrier, immature
Ron Austing

Timing Your Visit

The chart below shows the time periods when each species is most abundant. Please remember that the data is based on past records, and the passage of birds can vary greatly from year to year. Click on the name of a species to learn more about its migratory habits.

Northern Harrier                                
Sharp-shinned Hawk                                
Cooper's Hawk                                
Red-shouldered Hawk                                
Broad-winged Hawk                                
Red-tailed Hawk                                
Rough-legged Hawk                                
Golden Eagle                                
Bald Eagle                                
American Kestrel                                
Peregrine Falcon