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About the Native Garden Plant Lists

For each state, our aim was to provide a list of recommended native gardening plants that meet the following criteria:

  • They are native to the state.
  • They are not on state invasive or noxious weed lists.
  • They are available in nurseries that offer nursery-propagated plants or seed, rather than wild-collected plants.

For each state we consulted multiple sources. The ideal sources for each state included the state's published native plant list; recommended native gardening lists, usually published by the native plant society; and catalog listings from native plant nurseries within the state, to be sure the plants are locally available for gardening. Unfortunately, many states did not have all, or in some cases any, of these sources available, or the sources proved to be unreliable, so we had to use information from surrounding states in order to fill in some of the blanks.

We then double-checked the nativity of the plants on these lists, as many states include naturalized plants in their "native" plant lists. It wasn't possible to find the exact pre-European-settlement range for most plants, but we tried not to include a plant on a state list if we could not be reasonably sure that it was native there.

These are not comprehensive lists of all native plants of a state. They are simply a guide to some of the natives that can be purchased and grown in the garden. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions about our state recommended native gardening plant lists, please send them to:

Go to the Native Plant Finder to see the list of recommended native gardening plants for your state.

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