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Copyright ©2003 All rights reserved.

All content on this Web site, including photographs, text, illustrations, and maps, is the property of eNature, or our contributors.

No portion of the material on this Web site (including text, photographs, and artwork) may be copied, reproduced, or reused without the express written permission of eNature.

One exception to this policy is for text usage (NOT photo usage) that falls under the "fair use" policy of the U.S. Copyright Office. "Fair use" generally includes text reproduced for the following purposes:

  • criticism
  • comment
  • news reporting
  • teaching
  • scholarship
  • research
  • various other noncommercial/nonprofit purposes

The distinction between "fair use" and infringement may be unclear and not easily defined. Please contact our support staff if you are not certain that your usage is considered "fair use."

National Audubon Society® is a registered trademark of National Audubon Society, Inc., all rights reserved.

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All photographs used on this Web site are under the copyright of the individual photographers (see Copyright Information above). Please respect the hundreds of photographers who have contributed to this project by not copying or using their photographs outside this Web site.

If you are interested in obtaining rights to use a photo on this site, please contact the photographer directly. You can find their contact information by clicking on their name/credit underneath their photo.

One exception to this policy is for royalty-free photographs from government agencies, such as the National Park Service or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (Indicated in the credit line below the image.)

These photographs are in the "public domain," which means they have no copyright restrictions. You may download and use these copyright-free images in your print and electronic publications. There is no fee and no need to get permission from the Service for using them. Images in the public domain may credit the artist or photographer, or identify the source (example: Credit: Robert Wilson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). This does not mean the image is copyrighted. But please credit the artist or photographer and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service if at all possible.

To protect the photographers’ rights, all photographs used on this Web site are digitally watermarked. The watermarking process is repeated over the entire image; it is preserved even if the photograph is cropped, resized, inverted, or otherwise altered. The World Wide Web is searched regularly for the watermark, and any unauthorized use of a photograph with this watermark will be discovered. The occurrence of watermarked images from this Web site on other web sites constitutes unauthorized use of copyrighted material and is prohibited under Article 17 of the United States Code.

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Free Content Terms and Conditions

Before using's Free Content, please review the following terms and conditions.

  1. You may not charge for access to's Free Content or have the content displayed in pages that require payment or a subscription to view.
  2. You may not use the content in a manner that either directly competes or recreates's programs or website features.
  3. You may not parse or reconfigure the data from the individual species pages in any way. Free Content pages must be displayed without alteration from the servers.
  4. Imagery and text from the Free Content are not copyright-free. Only use through the supplied links is permitted.
  5. reserves the right to restrict or revoke access to the Free Content at any time.

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