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How do I cite an article or other material from eNature in a bibliography?

When citing an article or other material from eNature, please include as much of the following as possible:

-- the name of the article cited
-- the name of the feature or the section of the site
-- the date of the article and/or the date the site was accessed
-- the name of the site (
-- the url of the site or of the page or section used

Citations from the news features, such as Nature Watch, On the Wild Side, or the Sky Guide, should be treated in the same manner as any periodical.

Please note that the section of eNature to be cited for species accounts is the Online Field Guides.


"Life in the Fast Lane," On the Wild Side. April 23, 2002 [date accessed].

"The Name Game," Nature Watch, November 1, 2001. April 23, 2002 [date accessed].

"Spring Migration," Birding Focus. April 23, 2002 [date accessed].

Online Field Guides. April 23, 2002 [date accessed].

"Berylline Hummingbird," Online Field Guides. April 23, 2002 [date accessed].

For more information on citing internet sources, visit the Web site of the Modern Language Association. Review the Frequently Asked Questions in the MLA style section:

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