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Ringed Salamander
Ambystoma annulatum

Body slender with small head. Varied coloration from dark brown to nearly black, with yellow, buff o… read more

California Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma californiense

A relatively large, secretive amphibian endemic to California. Adults can grow to a length of about … read more

Flatwoods Salamander
Ambystoma cingulatum

Small head & limbs. Blackish-brown in color with gray to silvery-white net like markings or spotting… read more

Northwestern Salamander
Ambystoma gracile

Brown to gray, long and stout. Sometimes with light spots. Seemingly large swelling behind eyes. 12 … read more

Jefferson Salamander
Ambystoma jeffersonianum

Dark gray to brown, lighter on its anterior. Long and slender with well developed lungs.… read more

Blue-spotted Salamander
Ambystoma laterale

Elongated body, similar to the Jefferson Salamander. Blueish black in color with blue and white spot… read more

Mabee's Salamander
Ambystoma mabeei

Short and stout with a short tail. Blackish/brown above with white flecks. Brown underside. 13 coast… read more

Long-toed Salamander
Ambystoma macrodactylum

Long and slender with mottled black/brown color with yellow spots that form a stripe. Fourth outer t… read more

Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander
Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum

4-6 5/8" (10-17 cm). Slender, with long toes. Black above, with with series of yellow to orange mark… read more

Spotted Salamander
Ambystoma maculatum

Long but stout. Black to dark brown/gray with 2 rows of yellowish/orange spots from head to tail.… read more

Marbled Salamander
Ambystoma opacum

Short, stocky & boldly colored. Blackish/gray above with bold white bands and spots. 12 coastal groo… read more

Mole Salamander
Ambystoma talpoideum

Long, with a thick body and short tail. Limbs & head seem too large for the body. Dark brown to back… read more

Small-mouthed Salamander
Ambystoma texanum

Characteristically tiny head and mouth. Blackish-brown above with greyish yellow patches. Underside … read more

Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma tigrinum

Largest Salamander in the world. Long and stout. Broad head with lidded small eyes. Variable blotchy… read more

Sonoran Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma tigrinum stebbinsi

2 1/2-5" (6.7-12.5). Color and pattern variable. Dark above, with yellowish bars, spots, blotches, o… read more

Eastern Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum

7-13" (18-33 cm). Large and stout; head broad; snout rounded. Dark brown or blackish above with many… read more

Two-toed Amphiuma
Amphiuma means

Snake-like. 4 minuscule legs with 2 toes on each which are virtually useless. Dark grayish-brown in … read more

Three-toed Amphiuma
Amphiuma tridactylum

A salamander with very small short legs, each with 3 toes. Dark brown/gray.… read more

Cryptobranchus alleganiensis

Giant Salamander. Flat body and head, slimy skin. Short legs, 4 toes on each. Uses working lungs, as… read more

Idaho Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon aterrimus (Dicamptodon ensatus aterrimus)

Dark and intricately blotched, color varies from purple, tan, gray and copperish brown. Superficial … read more

California Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon ensatus

Brown-reddish brown and brown/golden blotches or mottling. 12-13 coastal grooves. Smooth skinned. Ta… read more

Pacific Giant Salamander
Dicamptodon tenebrosus

Broad head with shovel-like snout. Brown to light-brassy brown in color with dark reticulate blotch… read more

Green Salamander
Aneides aeneus

Blackish-brown with green splotches. 14-15 costal grooves.… read more

Clouded Salamander
Aneides ferreus

Slim, long with long legs and square tipped toes. Brown or Brownish with green-gray blotches. 16-17… read more

Black Salamander
Aneides flavipunctatus

Black in color. Triangular head with a slim body. Gray spots cover back. 14-15 coastal grooves.… read more

Sacramento Mountains Salamander
Aneides hardii

Short and slender. Brown with greenish mottling. Bronze colored stripe on juveniles. 14-15 costal gr… read more

Arboreal Salamander
Aneides lugubris

Brown-grayish. Large head. White underside. 15-16 coastal grooves. usually has golden-yellow spots.… read more

California Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps attenuatus

Narrow head and body. Black-brown, with brownish/yellow or reddish band across back. 4 toes on each … read more

Relictual Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps relictus

read more

Oregon Slender Salamander
Batrachoseps wrighti

Dark brown with yellowish-red/brown flecks. Black underside with white spots. 16-17 costal grooves.… read more

Seepage Salamander
Desmognathus aeneus

Tan, yellow or reddish brown stripe above with dark centre line with some blackish smudges on back. … read more

Southern Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus auriculatus

Brown/black to dusky with speckled underside. Small round white spots on sides. 14 costal grooves.… read more

Ouachita Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus brimleyorum

Brown-greenish above. Juveniles have pale spots along sides. 14 costal grooves.… read more

Northern Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus fuscus

Young have 5-8 spots on the back which fade into adulthood. Adults tan-brown sometimes with a wavy s… read more

Imitator Salamander
Desmognathus imitator

Darkly colored with black stripes and a pale line from eyes to jaw. Older examples lose stripes.… read more

Seal Salamander
Desmognathus monticola

Stout. Brown-grayish above with dark brown/black streaks and blotches. Some have darker ridges. Tail… read more

Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander
Desmognathus ochrophaeus

Medium sized, brownish in color with smooth skin and varying patterns, usually with a stripe down th… read more

Black-bellied Salamander
Desmognathus quadramaculatus

Black in color with green blotches. Underside black or dark brown. Light dots in 2 rows on either si… read more

Pygmy Salamander
Desmognathus wrighti

Terrestrial. Tan-reddish brown back stripe. Short rounded tail. 13-14 costal grooves.… read more

Ensatina eschscholtzii

Only salamander with a constricted tail and 5 toes on hind feet. It has an amazing range of colors a… read more

1-40 of 98 Reptiles and Amphibians page: 1  | 2  | 3