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Reptiles and Amphibiansthreatened and/or endangeredCollared and Leopard Lizards

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Great Basin Collared Lizard
Crotaphytus bicinctores

Males can be brown to orange and some red or pink on the belly. Females are more black or dark brown… read more

Eastern Collared Lizard
Crotaphytus collaris

Large head and powerful jaws. They are well known for the ability to run on their hind legs, looking… read more

Sonoran Collared Lizard
Crotaphytus nebrius

6-9" (15.2-23.0 cm). Large head; conspicuous black-and-white collar across back of neck. Inside of… read more

Reticulate Collared Lizard
Crotaphytus reticulatus

read more

Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard
Gambelia sila (Crotaphytus wislizeni silus)

Blunt nose, short head. Round tail. Gray/brown with yellow/whitish cross bands with dark edged brown… read more

Long-nosed Leopard Lizard
Gambelia wislizenii

Granular dorsal scales that can be white, cream, or gray with irregular brown or dark gray spots alo… read more

1-6 of 6 Reptiles and Amphibians page: 1