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Reptiles and Amphibiansthreatened and/or endangeredMusk and Mud Turtles

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Striped Mud Turtle
Kinosternon baurii

Carapace keelless. Lightly striped with 3 stripes. Sometimes bone structure visible through scutes. … read more

Yellow Mud Turtle
Kinosternon flavescens

Small, olive-colored. Yellow areas on throat, head and on the sides on its neck. The bottom shell is… read more

Eastern Mud Turtle
Kinosternon subrubrum

Olve-brown smooth, keelless carapace. Yelloish-brown pastern with 11 scutes. Blunt spine and scale p… read more

Mississippi Mud Turtle
Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis

3-4 3/4" (7.6-12.1 cm). Carapace smooth, plain olive to dark brown. 2 light lines on each side of he… read more

Flattened Musk Turtle
Sternotherus depressus

Carpace flatter than any other species. Greenish/gray patterned neck. Chin has barbels.… read more

Loggerhead Musk Turtle
Sternotherus minor

Keeled carapace, overlapping vertebral scutes. Brown/orange with dark-borderd seams. Pinkish/yellow … read more

Common Musk Turtle
Sternotherus odoratus

2 stripes on head, short tail. Smooth caprice with 3 unserrated keels. Dark streaks/spots on keels o… read more

1-7 of 7 Reptiles and Amphibians page: 1