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Wild Horse
Equus caballus

A familiar animal to most, wild horses in North American are descended from domesticated horses. Lar… read more

Feral Pig
Sus scrofa

Basically a domestic pig gone wild, typically covered with thin, coarse grizzled black and gray hair… read more

Collared Peccary
Tayassu tajacu

A native pig like animal with grizzled dark coat and a whitish collar. The hairs on the head and bac… read more

Alces alces

Largest deer, and one of the largest land mammals in North America. Elongated head with pendulous sn… read more

Cervus elaphus

A large, tan-colored ungulate with a darker neck and white rump. In season, the male has a shaggy ne… read more

Sika Deer
Cervus nippon

This compact deer has a distinctive wedge-shaped head. Dark brown with a variable amount of white sp… read more

Fallow Deer
Dama dama (Cervus dama)

Most animals are rust or tan-colored, with white rump patch and belly; winter pelage is darker and t… read more

Mule Deer
Odocoileus hemionus

Ears are larger and tail is smaller than that of the White-tailed Deer. Males have dichotomously bra… read more

White-tailed Deer
Odocoileus virginianus

Ears are smaller and tail is larger and whiter than in the Mule Deer. Males have antlers consisting … read more

Key Deer
Odocoileus virginianus clavium

A tiny, dog-size deer. Reddish-brown to grayish-brown above. White below. Tail brown, edged with whi… read more

Columbian White-tailed Deer
Odocoileus virginianus leucurus

A medium-size deer. Brown to grayish- or grizzled-brown above. White below. Tail brown, edged with w… read more

Rangifer tarandus

A stocky deer of the far north. Both sexes have antlers; male antlers are larger and semi-palmated, … read more

Antilocapra americana

North America’s only native antelope has unique coloration and horns. Has a stocky build on long leg… read more

Barbary Sheep
Ammotragus lervia

A large exotic sheep with long, curved horns and long hair on the throat, chest, and front of the le… read more

American Bison
Bison bison

North America’s largest land mammal. Has a distinctive humped profile with larger forequarters and s… read more

Mountain Goat
Oreamnos americanus

A white goat with small, slightly curved black horns. White coat is long and shaggy in the winter an… read more

Ovibos moschatus

A stocky, shaggy bovid of the Arctic. The long, brown winter hairs extend nearly to the ground, cove… read more

Bighorn Sheep
Ovis canadensis

A brown sheep with a white rump patch and large curved horns that symbolizes mountain wilderness in … read more

Dall's Sheep
Ovis dalli

A northern sheep with large horns that grow continuously through life. Coat color is usually uniform… read more

1-19 of 19 Mammals page: 1