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Mammalsthreatened and/or endangeredPocket Gophers

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Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher
Cratogeomys castanops

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Plains Pocket Gopher
Geomys bursarius

Coat of short fur with brown to black coloration over the upper body and lighter brown or tan fur on… read more

Botta's Pocket Gopher
Thomomys bottae

One of the world’s most variable small mammals, usually has a unique purple tinge to the flanks. Ran… read more

Camas Pocket Gopher
Thomomys bulbivorus

Largest of the Thomomys, with a very restricted range. Dull sooty brown on the back, and dark grayis… read more

Western Pocket Gopher
Thomomys mazama

Richly colored gopher with pale to dark reddish-brown back and gray underparts tipped with buff. Som… read more

Northern Pocket Gopher
Thomomys talpoides

A widespread and variable gopher with dark patches behind the ear. Color can be brown or grayish bro… read more

1-7 of 7 Mammals page: 1