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Arctic Fox
Alopex lagopus

Unique northern fox well adapted for living in harsh Arctic climate with distinctive color and short… read more

Canis latrans

Smaller than wolves, with a smaller nose pad (less than 25mm) but relatively larger ears. Upperparts… read more

Gray Wolf
Canis lupus

Largest wild canid. Fur usually grizzled gray but ranges from pure white to black to reddish brown. … read more

Mexican Wolf
Canis lupus baileyi

The smallest of the Gray Wolf populations. Usually a combination of grizzled gray, tan, and/or rust … read more

Red Wolf
Canis rufus

A medium-sized wolf with gray coat, sprinkled with blackish hairs; occasionally yellowish or reddish… read more

Common Gray Fox
Urocyon cinereoargenteus

A gray fox with a black-tipped tail. Back is grizzled gray; sides are cinnamon-colored; belly is tan… read more

Kit Fox
Vulpes macrotis

Similar to the Swift Fox but with a longer tail and larger ears. The Kit Fox is distinguished by its… read more

San Joaquin Kit Fox
Vulpes macrotis mutica

A very small, large-eared, leggy fox. Pale tan to yellowish-buff above, turning grayish in winter; w… read more

Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes (Vulpes fulva)

Uniquely-colored fox with a bushy, white-tipped tail. Most animals are red-colored with black feet a… read more

1-9 of 9 Mammals page: 1