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Devils Hole Pupfish
Cyprinodon diabolis

To 1" (2.2 cm). Tiny, but stout and deep-bodied; female deeper-bodied than male. Fins large and roun… read more

Ash Meadows Amargosa Pupfish
Cyprinodon nevadensis mionectes

1 1/3" (34 mm). Stout and deep-bodied, with arched profile. Female smaller and deeper-bodied than ma… read more

Banded Killifish
Fundulus diaphanus

The banded killifish (Fundulus diaphanus), is a North American species of temperate freshwater killi… read more

Fundulus heteroclitus

The mummichog is a killifish also known as mummies, gudgeons, and mud minnows are found in brackish … read more

Big Bend Gambusia
Gambusia gaigei

2" (5 cm). Generally pale and silvery, largely unmarked, with faint lateral stripe. Dorsal fin far b… read more

Eastern Mosquitofish
Gambusia holbrooki

The eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki, is a species of freshwater fish that is closely relate… read more

Pecos Gambusia
Gambusia nobilis

2" (2.5 cm). Silvery (lacks yellow pigment). Female more robust than male, and with dark marking on … read more

1-7 of 7 Fishes page: 1