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Fishesthreatened and/or endangeredRequiem Sharks

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Tiger Shark
Galeocerdo cuvier

One of the largest sharks in existence, considered second most dangerous to humans, next to great wh… read more

Smooth Dogfish
Mustelus canis

Olive grey or brown, and may have shades of yellow or grayish white. Slender, small with separated d… read more

Blue Shark
Prionace glauca

Elongated and fusiform, narrowly rounded with long snout, round eyes, and nictitating membrane. Serr… read more

Leopard Shark
Triakis semifasciata

Moderately stout body, with short, rounded snout and triangular flaps of skin in front of the nares.… read more

1-4 of 4 Fishes page: 1