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Fishesthreatened and/or endangeredBullhead Catfishes

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White Catfish
Ameiurus catus

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Black Bullhead
Ameiurus melas

The black bullhead, Ameiurus melas, is a species of bullhead catfish. Like other bullhead catfish, i… read more

Yellow Bullhead
Ameiurus natalis

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Brown Bullhead
Ameiurus nebulosus

The brown bullhead, Ameiurus nebulosus, is a fish of the Ictaluridae family that is widely distribut… read more

Channel Catfish
Ictalurus punctatus

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Smoky Madtom
Noturus baileyi

To 3" (7.3 cm). A tiny, tadpole-shaped catfish. Light brown to olive-brown above with paler, yellowi… read more

Flathead Catfish
Pylodictis olivaris

The flathead catfish (Pylodictis olivaris), also called the yellow cat, opelousas, and shovelhead ca… read more

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