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Butterfliesthreatened and/or endangeredSphinx Moths

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Pink-spotted Hawk Moth
Agrius cingulatus

3 3/4 - 4 3/4" (94-119mm). Forewings narrow; brown and gray pattern resembles bark; hindwings gray… read more

Nessus Sphinx Moth
Amphion floridensis

1 1/2 - 2 1/4" (38-56mm). Wings narrow; dark reddish brown to chocolate brown, with dark reddish o… read more

Bumblebee Moth
Hemaris diffinis

read more

Hummingbird Moth
Hemaris thysbe

Wingspan 1 1/2-2" (38-50 mm). Wings initially plum-red to brownish black, but scales drop off after… read more

White-lined Sphinx
Hyles lineata

Wingspan 2 1/2-3 1/2" (65-90 mm). Fore wings brown with a buff-colored band from near base to tip; … read more

Tomato Hornworm
Manduca quinquemaculata

Caterpillar, 3-4" (75-102 mm), is pale or dark green with a black horn at rear, V-shaped white mark … read more

Tomato Hornworm Moth
Manduca quinquemaculata

Wingspan 3 1/2-4 3/8" (90-110 mm). Wings mouse-gray, streaked with black and brown. Hind wings str… read more

Rustic Sphinx Moth
Manduca rustica

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Tobacco Hornworm
Manduca sexta

Caterpillar, to 3 3/4" (95 mm), is green with diagonal white stripes and red horn at rear.… read more

Cerisy's Sphinx
Smerinthus cerisyi

Wingspan 2 3/8-3 3/8" (60-85 mm). Fore wings variable, marked with contrasting light and dark gray … read more

1-11 of 11 Butterflies page: 1