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Butterfliesthreatened and/or endangeredGiant Silkworm Moths

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Luna Moth
Actias luna

Wingspan 3 1/8-4 1/2" (80-115 mm). Wings pale green; fore wings have purple front margins, hind win… read more

Polyphemus Moth
Antheraea polyphemus

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Io Moth
Automeris io

Wingspan 2 3/8-2 3/4" (60-70 mm). Male's fore wings yellow; female's reddish brown. Hind wings of … read more

Imperial Moth
Eacles imperialis

Wingspan 4-5 7/8" (100-150 mm). Wings yellow with purple-gray marks and dark speckles. Fore wings … read more

Sheep Moth
Hemileuca eglanterina

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Nuttall's Day Moth
Hemileuca nuttallii

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Cecropia Moth
Hyalophora cecropia

Wingspan 4 3/4-5 7/8" (120-150 mm). Wings speckled gray-brown with rusty shading, especially near b… read more

Ceanothus Silk Moth
Hyalophora euryalus

4 1/4 - 4 1/2" (106-113mm). Sexes similar (with exception of males having much wider antennae). B… read more

1-8 of 8 Butterflies page: 1