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Giant Saguaro
Carnegia gigantea

This giant, columnar tree cactus, an icon of the American West, lives up to 250 years. Wild saguaro … read more

Engelmann's Hedgehog Cactus
Echinocereus engelmannii

The purple to magenta flowers and usually four well-armed central spines help to identify this commo… read more

Pink-flower Hedgehog Cactus
Echinocereus fendleri

The erect stems of Pink-flower Hedgehog Cactus rise about 4 in. Stems are made up of one-jointed, t… read more

Rainbow Cactus
Echinocereus pectinatus

A low, cylindrical cactus girdled from top to bottom by bands of colorful spines, pink, gray, pale y… read more

Claret-cup Cactus
Echinocereus triglochidiatus

Among the most beautiful cacti; large plants with many stems in full flower make breathtaking mounds… read more

Green Pitaya
Echinocereus viridiflorus

A small cactus with one cylindrical stem or several in a clump and yellowish-green or magenta flower… read more

Nellie Cory Cactus
Escobaria minima (Coryphantha minima)

This tiny rare and endangered species, with a single stem and an oversize magenta flower, is found o… read more

Lee Pincushion Cactus
Escobaria sneedii var. leei (Coryphantha sneedii var. leei)

This small, rare cactus, whose dense spines make the stem look cobwebbed, may comprise up to 100 ste… read more

Beehive Cactus
Escobaria vivipara (Coryphantha vivipara)

Small, nearly spherical to barrel-shaped stems, sometimes single but often many in a mound, with pin… read more

California Barrel Cactus
Ferocactus cylindraceus (Ferocactus acanthodes)

A single large columnar or barrel-shaped stem gives this cactus the appearance of a very spiky ribbe… read more

Candy Barrel Cactus
Ferocactus wislizeni

A cylindrical cactus, Candy Barrel Cactus or Fishhook Barrel Cactus sometimes reaches 10 ft. in heig… read more

Lophophora williamsii

Low, gray, spineless, nearly hemispherical stems, usually one (rarely to fifty) forming a broad dens… read more

Graham's Nipple Cactus
Mammillaria grahamii var. grahamii (Mammillaria milleri, Mammillaria microcarpa)

A low, cylindrical cactus with one or several stems and many hooked spines; flowers pink or lavender… read more

Buckhorn Cholla
Opuntia acanthocarpa

The main trunk of this tree-like cactus is short and erect; branching open and low to ground. Branch… read more

Beavertail Cactus
Opuntia basilaris

Flat, grayish-green, leafless, jointed stems in a clump, lack large spines and have vivid rose or re… read more

Teddybear Cholla
Opuntia bigelovii

Soft and fuzzy in appearance, the painfully clinging spines of this miniature tree make it one of th… read more

Fragile Prickly-pear
Opuntia fragilis

This small but clump-forming plant forms a low mat of spiny jointed stems whose segments are easily … read more

Jumping Cholla
Opuntia fulgida

A very spiny cactus, commonly a shrub, occasionally a small tree with short trunk. The stout, jointe… read more

Opuntia humifusa

A mat or clump-forming cactus bearing few yellow flowers, often with reddish centers and flat, flesh… read more

Tree Cholla
Opuntia imbricata (Cylindropuntia imbricata)

Habit: native perennial tree or shrub; spreading; trunk brown-black, diameter to 10 in (25 cm). He… read more

Desert Christmas Cactus
Opuntia leptocaulis

This inconspicuous shrubby plant with many short, intertwined, usually spineless stems bears flowers… read more

Short Coastal Prickly-pear
Opuntia littoralis

This sprawling prickly-pear is most commonly found in coastal California, often in huge colonies, it… read more

Desert Prickly-pear
Opuntia phaeacantha

The Desert Prickly-pear is an erect or sprawling shrub with fleshy fruit and brown to black spines. … read more

Plains Prickly-pear
Opuntia polyacantha

Low mound of spiny, flat, nearly oval joints has bright yellow or sometimes bright magenta flowers. … read more

Senita Cactus
Pachycereus schottii (Cereus schottii)

read more

Simpson's Hedgehog Cactus
Pediocactus simpsonii

One or a few tiny, nearly spherical stems have several white, rose, or yellow flowers near top. Hab… read more

Night-blooming Cereus
Peniocereus greggii (Cereus greggii)

This plant looks like an inconspicuous dead twiggy shrub most of the year, usually growing under a c… read more

Organ Pipe Cactus
Stenocereus thurberi (Cereus thurberi)

The native range of this tall, many-stemmed cactus is limited to the warmest portion of the Sonoran … read more

New Mexico Agave
Agave parryi ssp. neomexicana

New Mexico Agave's stiff, succulent, sword-like leaves with spined tips form a basal rosette 6-18 in… read more

Red-flower False Yucca
Hesperaloe parviflora

Not a yucca, this member of the lily family produces soft, yucca-like, evergreen leaves, 2-3 ft. in … read more

Arkansas Yucca
Yucca arkansana

The white to pale green, bell-shaped flowers of this yucca occur in a long spike on 6-7 ft. flower s… read more

Texas Yucca
Yucca rupicola

Texas Yucca or Twisted-leaf Yucca's foliage stays under 2 ft. tall, is edged with white or red, and … read more

Thompson's Yucca
Yucca thompsoniana

Thompson's Yucca is tree-like with one to three trunk-like stems rising asymetrically 3-8 ft. high. … read more

Dasylirion spp.

This short-trunked desert perennial is often mistaken for yucca. A 9-15 ft. flower stalk, bearing a… read more

Foothill Beargrass
Nolina erumpens

The large, woody basal stems of Foothill Beargrass grow in a clump and produce long, course-bladed, … read more

1-35 of 35 Wildflowers page: 1