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Twin Flower
Dyschoriste oblongifolia

Perennial, trumpet-shaped lavender flowers have hairy stems and leaf edges; bloom in paired leaf axi… read more

Justicia californica (Beloperone californica)

Flowering shrub with plentiful tubular flowers in shades of bright to deep red. Densely branched, gr… read more

Carolina Wild Petunia
Ruellia caroliniensis

Blue or violet trumpet-shaped flowers with light green leaves on short hairy stems from leaf axils. … read more

Fringe-leaf Wild Petunia
Ruellia humilis

Fringe-leaf Wild Petunia's multi-branched stem may reach a height of 2 ft. but is usually less than … read more

Violet Wild Petunia
Ruellia nudiflora

Violet Wild Petunia is a semi-sprawling perennial, up to 28 in. high, from a somewhat woody base. F… read more

Sea Purslane
Sesuvium portulacastrum

Sprawling, multi-branched, perennial herb that grows in coastal areas across much of the planet. Fl… read more

Fringed Bluestar
Amsonia ciliata

Native perennial. Height: 1-3'. Habit: clumping, narrowly erect, may flop if top heavy. Leaf: 2" lon… read more

Eastern Bluestar
Amsonia tabernaemontana

Native perennial. Height: 1-4 ft. Habit: erect, bushy, alternate. Leaf: narrow, lanceolate or oval, … read more

Spreading Dogbane
Apocynum androsaemifolium

Native perennial forb. Height: to 40 inches. Habit: erect, opposite, many branches, may lack central… read more

Rubber Vine
Echites umbellata

read more

Bigleaf Periwinkle
Vinca major

Introduced. A common garden ground cover with evergreen leaves and purple flowers.
Flowers: 1-2" … read more

Vinca minor

Non-native evergreen groundcover. Classified as a woody plant or shrub, it resembles a vine but does… read more

European Swallow-worts
Cynanchum rossicum/Cynanchum louiseae (Vincetoxicum medium/Vincetoxicum nigrum)

Introduced. Upright or twining vines that bear milkweed-like seed pods that split open to reveal cot… read more

Adenocaulon bicolor

A low woodland plant with delicate stalks of flowers rising above an array of large spade-shaped lea… read more

Blue Cohosh
Caulophyllum thalictroides

Inconspicuous, purplish-brown to yellow-green flowers in a loosely branched cluster. Habit: native … read more

Jeffersonia diphylla

Spring flower on leafless flower stalk, under paired leaflets. Habit: native perennial herb; flower… read more

Podophyllum peltatum

Single, fragrant white flower concealed beneath huge, deeply divided leaves. The leaves, roots, seed… read more

Bignonia capreolata

A climbing, woody vine reaching 50 ft. long with showy, orange-red, trumpet-shaped flowers that hang… read more

Trumpet Vine
Campsis radicans

Aggressive, fast-growing woody vine with attractive red flower. Habit: native perennial vine; light… read more

Alpine Forget-me-not
Eritrichium nanum (Eritrichium aretioides)

A low, cushion-like plant with deep blue flowers just above the tufted leaves. Habit: native perenn… read more

Sweet-scented Heliotrope
Heliotropium convolvulaceum

A hairy, sparsely-leaved plant of variable appearance, with fragrant, white, broadly funnel-shaped f… read more

Fringed Puccoon
Lithospermum incisum

Hairy, erect or bushy plant with distinctive lemon-yellow flowers, minutely fringed as if gnawed by … read more

American Searocket
Cakile edentula

Low, fleshy, branching beach plant with pale lavender flowers. Habit: native annual, biennial, or p… read more

Coastal Searocket
Cakile lanceolata

Sprawling, much-branched plant forming clumps on the beach. Habit: native, annual or perennial, sub… read more

European Searocket
Cakile maritima

Clumping succulent inhabitant of coastal areas. Habit: introduced annual or short-lived perennial … read more

Comb Draba
Draba oligosperma

A small, grayish, hairy, densely tufted plant with basal leaves and racemes of small yellow flowers … read more

Fendler's Bladderpod
Lesquerella fendleri

Yellow flowers in loose short racemes at stem ends of a low, rather tightly tufted, silvery-gray per… read more

Gordon's Bladderpod
Lesquerella gordonii

Gordon's Bladderpod is a hairy annual with a silvery-gray appearance. Stems, up to 16 in. long, may… read more

Velvety Nerisyrenia
Nerisyrenia camporum

A grayish, hairy plant with clumps of leafy branched stems and racemes of white or lavender flowers … read more

Carolina Fanwort
Cabomba caroliniana

A rooted aquatic plant with both submersed and floating leaves that is native to the southeastern Un… read more

Florida Bellflower
Campanula floridana

This sprawling plant with delicate blue flowers is endemic to Florida and sometimes considered a tur… read more

Common Bellflower
Campanula rapunculoides

This invasive weed has attractive bell-shaped, blue-violet flowers. Habit: introduced perennial her… read more

Campanula rotundifolia

Blue-violet bell-shaped flowers hang singly or in clusters along the top parts of nodding, thread-li… read more

Pale Bellflower
Campanula scouleri

Delicate, white to pale blue, bell-shaped flowers adorn this 4-15 in. perennial. The tubular flower… read more

Yellow Bee Plant
Cleome lutea

A sprawling plant with palmately compound leaves and racemes of small yellow flowers at the tops. H… read more

Linnaea borealis

A low, delicate, matted evergreen plant with trailing stems having short, upright branches, each ter… read more

Agrostemma githago

This slender pink flower of European wheat fields is naturalized across North America. Habit: intro… read more

Fendler's Sandwort
Arenaria fendleri

A tufted plant with many slender stems, very narrow leaves, and numerous small white flowers in open… read more

Field Chickweed
Cerastium arvense (Cerastium strictum)

A plant with several stems leaning on the ground, and a white flower blooming at the end of each of … read more

Mouse-ear Chickweed
Cerastium fontanum

Often a troublesome weed, this plant forms a low mat with tiny white flowers. Habit: introduced ann… read more

1-40 of 321 Wildflowers page: 1  | 2  | 3  | >>