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Agrostemma githago

This slender pink flower of European wheat fields is naturalized across North America. Habit: intro… read more

Fendler's Sandwort
Arenaria fendleri

A tufted plant with many slender stems, very narrow leaves, and numerous small white flowers in open… read more

Field Chickweed
Cerastium arvense (Cerastium strictum)

A plant with several stems leaning on the ground, and a white flower blooming at the end of each of … read more

Mouse-ear Chickweed
Cerastium fontanum

Often a troublesome weed, this plant forms a low mat with tiny white flowers. Habit: introduced ann… read more

Deptford Pink
Dianthus armeria

This delicate plant can be identified by its white-spotted, toothed petals and its hairy, united sep… read more

Maltese Cross
Lychnis chalcedonica

This coarse-textured Habit: introduced perennial herb; erect, rhizomatous. Height: 18-40 in (45-1… read more

Ragged Robin
Lychnis flos-cuculi

Numerous flower stems, rose-colored flowers with petals like stag horns, rise from a rosette of low … read more

Arctic Stitchwort
Minuartia arctica

A mat-forming perennial with long, linear basal leaves in lowland plants; short, linear leaves in mo… read more

Mountain Sandwort
Minuartia groenlandica

A mat-forming plant with many small white flowers at tips of slender stalks rising from dense tufts … read more

Alpine Stitchwort
Minuartia obtusiloba

A perennial with a mat-forming habit, the slender, leafy stems lying on the ground and ascending at … read more

Bouncing Bet
Saponaria officinalis

This is a popular ornamental species that escapes regularly from cultivation, distinguished by its o… read more

Moss Campion
Silene acaulis

Dwarf plant, forming dense mossy cushions or mats, with solitary pink to violet flowers at the ends … read more

Indian Pink
Silene californica

Several leafy, somewhat straggling stems arise from the deep taproot of this perennial and are 6-16 … read more

Sticky Catchfly
Silene caroliniana

Low in habit, a single wild pink plant can produce 50-100 showy, rose-pink, tubular flowers. These … read more

Seabluff Catchfly
Silene douglasii

A clumped perennial with a stout taproot and numerous stems rising 4-24 in. Leaves are mostly matte… read more

Silene hookeri

A hairy gray-green plant with many short spreading stems in a cluster, few branches, and several flo… read more

Cardinal Catchfly
Silene laciniata

Cardinal Catchfly's one to several, 1-2 1/2 ft. stems are slender and weak, often leaning against ot… read more

White Campion
Silene latifolia (Lychnis alba)

The fragrant flowers grow in clusters at the tops of the stems, with a distinctive inflated calyx. … read more

Royal Catchfly
Silene regia

Royal Catchfly is a 2-5 ft., erect perennial with bright-red, tubular flowers. The flowers flare in… read more

Starry Campion
Silene stellata

Deeply fringed, 5-petaled white flowers clustered atop tall slender stalks, with leaves mostly in wh… read more

Fire Pink
Silene virginica

Bright red, long-stalked flowers bloom in loose clusters at tops of slender, weak, or reclining stem… read more

Bladder Campion
Silene vulgaris (Silene cucubalus)

Habit: introduced perennial herb; many stems, usually smooth; taprooted. Height: 8-32 in (20-80 cm)… read more

Common Chickweed
Stellaria media

This common weed of gardens, fields, and lawns has matted foliage and small white flowers. Habit: i… read more

Star Chickweed
Stellaria pubera

The flower petals of this low-growing plant are so deeply lobed that each blossom appears to have te… read more

1-24 of 24 Wildflowers page: 1