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Wildflowersthreatened and/or endangeredPea

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Rosary Pea
Abrus precatorius

This slender woody vine bears attractive clusters of pink, purple or white flowers, but it is weedy … read more

Amorpha canescens

Leadplant, which bears beautiful dark purple spikes, takes its common name from the light grey tinge… read more

Bastard Indigo
Amorpha fruticosa

This glandular, thornless shrub is distinguished by its leaves with 11-27 leaflets, its dense spikes… read more

American Hogpeanut
Amphicarpaea bracteata

A twining vine with 2 kinds of flowers. Habit: native, annual or perennial, vine or herb; twining … read more

Apios americana

Climbing vine with maroon or reddish-brown pea-like flowers in compact racemes arising from leaf axi… read more

Field Milk-vetch
Astragalus agrestis

A soft green plant tending to grow in patches, with weak stems often leaning on other vegetation, an… read more

Crescent Milk-vetch
Astragalus amphioxys

A tufted, grayish, hairy plant with pinnately compound leaves and lavender, pink, or red-violet pea … read more

Canada Milk-vetch
Astragalus canadensis

Many whitish to pale yellow or greenish pea flowers, upright or hanging down slightly in dense race… read more

Scarlet Locoweed
Astragalus coccineus

Long, red pea flowers angle upward in loose heads above tufted, white, woolly, pinnately compound le… read more

Bent Milk-vetch
Astragalus inflexus

read more

Freckled Milk-vetch
Astragalus lentiginosus

Highly variable species, forming dense tufted mats. Habit: native; annual, biennial, or perennial;… read more

Woollypod Milk-vetch
Astragalus purshii

Habit: native perennial herb, finely silver-hairy. Height: 3-6 in (7.5-15 cm) Leaf: alternate, odd… read more

White Wild Indigo
Baptisia alba (Baptisia lactea, Baptisia leucantha)

A bushy perennial with smooth leaves and white or cream-colored pea flowers in stiffly erect cluster… read more

Blue Wild Indigo
Baptisia australis

Rising 2-4 ft. high from a woody base, Blue Wild Indigo is a bushy, robust perennial. Flowers are b… read more

Cream False Indigo
Baptisia bracteata var. leucophaea (Baptisia leucophaea)

Cream False Indigo is an exquisite perennial, 1-2 ft. tall with a wide, bushy habit. The branches c… read more

Yellow Wild Indigo
Baptisia tinctoria

Smooth, bushy perennial with numerous few-flowered, elongated terminal clusters of yellow pea-like f… read more

Climbing Butterfly-pea
Centrosema virginianum

Trailing or twining vine with violet flowers, single or in clusters of 2-4 in the axils of compound … read more

Chamaecrista fasciculata (Cassia fasciculata, Cassia chamaecrista)

Partridge-pea is a slender-stemmed annual whose small, yellow-green leaflets fold together when touc… read more

Chamaecrista nictitans

Partridge-pea or Sensitive Pea is a slender-stemmed annual, up to 1 ft. tall, with pinnately compoun… read more

Butterfly Pea
Clitoria mariana

Twining vine, occasionally erect, with large, showy, lavender-pink, pea-like flowers, usually solita… read more

Coronilla varia

Habit: introduced perennial herb or vine; weak stems, upright to trailing stems to 6 ft (1.8 m) long… read more

Showy Crotalaria
Crotalaria spectabilis

This weed of cropland bears showy yellow flowers on erect, green to purplish-green, sometimes ribbed… read more

White Prairie Clover
Dalea candida (Petalostemum candidum, Petalostemon candidus)

White prairie clover bears small white flower spikes, sometimes fragrant, from a heavy taproot and h… read more

White Prairie Clover
Dalea candida var. candida

Often occuring in patches, these perennials bear at least 8-10 slender, 1-2 ft. stems and groups of … read more

Globe-headed Prairie Clover
Dalea feayi

This shrubby plant with very thin or needle-like leaflets bears abundant round pink or purple flower… read more

Summer Farewell
Dalea pinnata

In bloom, summer farewell resembles a member of the aster family, but DNA tests have shown that it b… read more

Purple Prairie Clover
Dalea purpurea (Petalostemum purpurea, Petalostemon purpureus)

Common throughout the Great Plains and Midwest, this plant bears dense purple flower cones on slende… read more

Prairie Mimosa
Desmanthus illinoensis

An erect, somewhat weedy plant with ball-like clusters of small, whitish or greenish flowers on tall… read more

Showy Tick Trefoil
Desmodium canadense

Erect, bushy, velvet-hairy plant with crowded, elongated terminal clusters of pink or rose-purple pe… read more

Illinois Tick Trefoil
Desmodium illinoense

A spindly, hairy stem topped with a slender, elongated cluster of many white, purple, or lavender-pi… read more

Panicled Tick Trefoil
Desmodium paniculatum

The showy purple flowers appear in late summer and grow arranged on a stem maturing from the bottom … read more

White Milkpea
Galactia elliottii

read more

American Licorice
Glycyrrhiza lepidota

Erect perennial up to 3 ft. The stem is covered with minute, sticky hairs. Cream flowers, which re… read more

Alpine Sweet-vetch
Hedysarum alpinum

Several erect, branching stems rise 1 1/2-3 ft. from a woody crown. From the axils of pinnately com… read more

Northern Sweet-vetch
Hedysarum boreale

Bushy, but often leaning on nearby plants, plains sweet-broom bears racemes of reddish-purple flower… read more

Western Sweet-vetch
Hedysarum occidentale

read more

Hog Potato
Hoffmannseggia glauca

A low plant growing in patches, with pinnately compound leaves and bilaterally symmetrical, yellow-o… read more

Beach Pea
Lathyrus japonicus (Lathyrus maritimus)

Trailing vine with a stout, angled or round stem and pink-lavender pea-like flowers in long-stalked … read more

Everlasting Pea
Lathyrus latifolius

This introduced vine with showy racemes of sweet pea-like purple-pink flowers climbs or trails. Hab… read more

Silky Beach Pea
Lathyrus littoralis

This silky-hairy, gray-green plant grows in low patches, with pink and white "pea flowers" in dense … read more

1-40 of 114 Wildflowers page: 1  | 2  | 3