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Wildflowersthreatened and/or endangeredGoosefoot

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Burning Bush
Bassia scoparia (Kochia scoparia, Kochia sieversiana)

This bushy annual with striking bright red fall foliage forms a striking background or garden hedge,… read more

Chenopodium album

On a branching plant, often with red-streaked stems, grow clustered spikes of minute, unstalked flow… read more

Halogeton glomeratus

About five much-branched stems, red and prostrate in youth, becoming whitish and upright, radiate fr… read more

Red Glasswort
Salicornia europaea (Salicornia rubra)

This low, succulent plant has round fleshy stems which turn bright red in late summer or fall. Hab… read more

Slender Glasswort
Salicornia maritima

read more

American Glasswort
Salicornia virginica

Although it has no apparent leaves or flowers, this shrubby succulent perennial has stems that turn … read more

Perennial Glasswort
Sarcocornia pacifica

This succulent wetland plant, which has no apparent leaves, turns deep red in the fall. Habit: nati… read more

1-7 of 7 Wildflowers page: 1