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Amur Maple
Acer ginnala

Introduced; invasive. A multistemmed shrub or small tree with smooth gray-brown bark, becoming rough… read more

Planetree Maple
Acer pseudoplatanus

Large deciduous tree. Crown broad, domed. Bark smooth, grey, rougher with age, breaking into scales… read more

Aromatic Sumac
Rhus aromatica

Irregular, spreading, deciduous shrub. Twigs velvety. Lower branches turned up. Glossy blue-green… read more

Possum Haw
Ilex decidua

Also called meadow holly, deciduous holly, or swamp holly, Ilex decidua is a common plant, growing i… read more

Ilex glabra

Also known as Appalachian Tea, Dye-leaves, Evergreen Winterberry, and Inkberry, this holly species i… read more

American Holly
Ilex opaca

Medium-sized broadleaved pyramidal evergreen. Shorter, multi-trunked form grows in lower-light cond… read more

Ilex verticillata

Ilex verticillata (American Winterberry) is native to eastern North America in the United States and… read more

Havana Snakeroot
Ageratina havanensis

Havana Snakeroot or Mistflower is a rounded shrub, 2-6 ft. tall, with many much-branched stems arisi… read more

Artemisia ludoviciana

A species of sagebrush known by several common names, including silver wormwood, Louisiana wormwood,… read more

Florida Groundsel Bush
Baccharis halimifolia

Baccharis halimifolia is a shrub growing to about 12 ft (4 m) high and comparably wide, or occasiona… read more

Common Barberry
Berberis vulgaris

Berberis vulgaris is naturalised in North America. It is a deciduous shrub growing up to 4 m high. T… read more

Laredo Oregon-grape
Mahonia trifoliolata (Berberis trifoliata)

Evergreen flowering shrub. Branches rigid, spreading often forming thickets. Foliage gray-green t… read more

Mountain Alder
Alnus incana (Alnus tenuifolia)

Alnus incana (Grey Alder or Speckled Alder) is a species of alder with a wide range across the coole… read more

Speckled Alder
Alnus incana ssp. rugosa (Alnus rugosa)

Speckled alder is usually a large shrub but sometimes may attain a height of 20 ft. and a diameter o… read more

Seaside Alder
Alnus maritima

Alnus maritima is endemic to the United States, and is found naturally in three disjunct populations… read more

Smooth Alder
Alnus serrulata

This thicket-forming shrub is native to eastern North America and can be found found from western No… read more

Mountain Alder
Alnus viridis ssp. crispa

A shrub to 9 ft., diminishing in mature height with greater altitude. Pendant, yellow-green male cat… read more

Yellow Birch
Betula alleghaniensis

Betula alleghaniensis (Yellow Birch), is native to eastern North America, from Newfoundland to Nova … read more

Sweet Birch
Betula lenta

Native to eastern North America, from southern Maine west to southernmost Ontario, and south in the … read more

River Birch
Betula nigra

Betula nigra (also occasionally called Water Birch) is native to the eastern United States from New … read more

Paper Birch
Betula papyrifera

It is a medium-sized deciduous tree reaching 60 feet tall (18m) (exceptionally to 130 feet) (40m) wi… read more

Gray Birch
Betula populifolia

A deciduous tree native to North America, it ranges from southeastern Ontario east to Nova Scotia, a… read more

American Hornbeam
Carpinus caroliniana

A small hardwood tree in the genus Carpinus also occasionally known as blue-beech, ironwood, or musc… read more

Beaked Hazel
Corylus cornuta

Corylus cornuta (Beaked Hazel) is a deciduous shrubby hazel found in most of North America, from sou… read more

Eastern Hophornbeam
Ostrya virginiana

Ostrya virginiana (American Hophornbeam), is native to eastern North America, from Nova Scotia west … read more

Ehretia anacua

Sub-tropical evergreen tree, often with suckers or multiple trunks. Leaves large, black-green, oval… read more

Orange-eye Butterflybush
Buddleja davidii (Buddleia davidii)

Introduced. Cultivated flowering shrub from China with long, leggy branches bearing showy clusters o… read more

Southern Bush Honeysuckle
Diervilla sessilifolia

Southern bush-honeysuckle is a low-growing, suckering shrub, 3-5 ft. high and at least as wide. The… read more

American Elderberry
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis (Sambucus canadensis, Sambucus mexicana)

Sambucus canadensis (American Elderberry) is native to a large area of North America east of the Roc… read more

Red Elderberry
Sambucus racemosa var. racemosa (Sambucus pubens, Sambucus callicarpa, Sambucus microbotrys)

Sambucus racemosa, also called red-berried elder, is native to Europe, temperate Asia, and north and… read more

Southern Arrowwood
Viburnum dentatum

Viburnum dentatum — southern arrowwood or arrowwood viburnum or roughish arrowwood — is … read more

Northern Arrowwood
Viburnum dentatum var. lucidulum (Viburnum recognitum)

Viburnum recognitum Arrow-wood, northern arrowwood, southern arrowwood, smooth arrowwood. Fami… read more

Moosewood Viburnum
Viburnum edule

Straggling to erect shrub. Branches smooth, leafy. Leaves sometimes 3-lobed, always palmately veine… read more

Hobblebush Viburnum
Viburnum lantanoides (Viburnum alnifolium)

Viburnum lantanoides (also called Hobblebush, Witch-hobble, and Moosewood) is a perennial shrub of t… read more

Viburnum lentago

Viburnum lentago (Nannyberry, Sheepberry, or Sweet Viburnum) is native to the northeastern and midwe… read more

Wild Raisin
Viburnum nudum var. cassinoides (Viburnum cassinoides)

Also called withe-rod viburnum, northern wild raisin, possum haw. This plant's leaves are glossy… read more

Viburnum prunifolium

Sturdy, shapely deciduous shrub or small tree with spreading branches. Trunk short, crooked and sto… read more

Rusty Blackhaw
Viburnum rufidulum

This viburnum is a shrub or tree, usually growing to 18 ft. but sometimes taller. Glossy, dark-gree… read more

Winged Burningbush
Euonymus alata (Euonymus alatus)

Introduced. A broad shrub with stiff, winged branches and brilliant fall foliage.
Height: to 12-1… read more

Eastern Burningbush
Euonymus atropurpurea

Eastern wahoo is a large, clumping, deciduous shrub which can develop into a small tree, 20-25 ft. t… read more

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