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Treesthreatened and/or endangeredMaple

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Florida Maple
Acer barbatum (Acer saccharum var. floridanum)

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Vine Maple
Acer circinatum

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Amur Maple
Acer ginnala

Introduced; invasive. A multistemmed shrub or small tree with smooth gray-brown bark, becoming rough… read more

Canyon Maple
Acer grandidentatum

A shrubby or somewhat tree-like maple. Crown roundish. Bark dark brown, plate-like scales, thin, eas… read more

Chalk Maple
Acer leucoderme

A small tree typically developing a round form with slender branches, often multiple trunks. Bark th… read more

Bigleaf Maple
Acer macrophyllum

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Box Elder
Acer negundo

A small, usually fast-growing and fairly short-lived tree. Shoots green, with a whitish to pink or v… read more

Black Maple
Acer nigrum

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Striped Maple
Acer pensylvanicum

Small deciduous tree. Young bark striped with green and white, and when a little older, brown. Leav… read more

Norway Maple
Acer platanoides

A tall deciduous tree often used for shade. Crown broad, rounded. Bark grey-brown, shallowly groove… read more

Planetree Maple
Acer pseudoplatanus

Large deciduous tree. Crown broad, domed. Bark smooth, grey, rougher with age, breaking into scales… read more

Red Maple
Acer rubrum

Medium to large sized tree. Crown irregularly ovoid with ascending curved shoots. Bark pale grey, sm… read more

Silver Maple
Acer saccharinum

Relatively fast-growing deciduous tree. Bark gray and shaggy. Leaves palmate, 8–16 cm. long … read more

Sugar Maple
Acer saccharum

Large deciduous tree. Leaves 8–15 cm. long and equally wide with five palmate lobes. Leaf bu… read more

Mountain Maple
Acer spicatum

A deciduous shrub or small tree. Crown spreading. Trunk short. Bark thin, dull gray-brown, and sm… read more

1-16 of 16 Trees page: 1