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Great Egret
Ardea alba

ADULT Has pure white plumage; during breeding season, long back plumes trail beyond tail. At all tim… read more

Great Blue Heron
Ardea herodias

ADULT Typical morph appears blue-gray overall, but neck is tinged pinkish and adorned with black and… read more

American Bittern
Botaurus lentiginosus

ADULT Has beautifully patterned brown plumage. Neck and breast have chestnut stripes on paler backgr… read more

Cattle Egret
Bubulcus ibis

ADULT Has pure white plumage for much of year but at height of breeding season it becomes flushed ye… read more

Green Heron
Butorides virescens

ADULT Has dark green crown, rufous-maroon face and neck, and white running from throat down center o… read more

Little Blue Heron
Egretta caerulea

ADULT BREEDING Has mostly dark blue-gray plumage but a rich purplish maroon head and neck. Has long … read more

Reddish Egret
Egretta rufescens

ADULT WHITE MORPH Has pure white plumage; shaggy plumes are seen on head and lower neck in breeding … read more

Snowy Egret
Egretta thula

ADULT Has pure white plumage with elegant plumes evident during breeding season. Legs are black and … read more

Tricolored Heron
Egretta tricolor

ADULT BREEDING Has mostly blue-gray head, neck, back, and upper wings, with white underparts and ruf… read more

Least Bittern
Ixobrychus exilis

ADULT MALE Mainly yellow-buff, palest on underparts, with buff stripes on throat and breast. Cap and… read more

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
Nyctanassa violacea

ADULT BREEDING Blue-gray overall with pale streaks on back and wings and striking face markings: whi… read more

Black-crowned Night-Heron
Nycticorax nycticorax

ADULT Has dark, daggerlike bill, black crown and back, gray wings, and pale face and underparts; eye… read more

Roseate Spoonbill
Ajaia ajaja

ADULT Has bald head and dark nape. Rest of body is feathered, mostly white on neck, but flushed pink… read more

White Ibis
Eudocimus albus

ADULT Has mostly white plumage with black wingtips, most obvious in flight. Legs, face, and long, do… read more

White-faced Ibis
Plegadis chihi

ADULT BREEDING Has mainly maroon plumage with green sheen on wing coverts and lower back. Bill is gr… read more

Glossy Ibis
Plegadis falcinellus

ADULT BREEDING Has maroon plumage overall with metallic green sheen on back and wing coverts. Bill i… read more

Wood Stork
Mycteria americana

ADULT Has bald, dark head and neck and otherwise mostly white plumage, except for black flight feath… read more

Greater Flamingo
Phoenicopterus ruber

Adult has pinkish plumage and a banana-shaped, black-tipped pink bill; in flight, wings reveal black… read more

Aramus guarauna

ADULT Has rich brown plumage overall, darkest on belly and flight feathers and palest on face. Head,… read more

Whooping Crane
Grus americana

ADULT Has mainly white plumage with black primaries, black mask, and red crown. Bill is dull yellowi… read more

Sandhill Crane
Grus canadensis

ADULT Has mainly blue-gray plumage, palest on face. Note red crown and variable rufous feathering on… read more

1-21 of 21 Birds page: 1