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Turkey Vulture
Cathartes aura

ADULT Appears mainly blackish in harsh light, but brownish plumage tone is revealed at close range. … read more

Black Vulture
Coragyps atratus

ADULT Has blackish plumage, except for silvery white primaries. Bald head and upper neck are gray wi… read more

California Condor
Gymnogyps californianus

Plumage is mostly black, but adult has white underwing coverts and white inner flight feathers on up… read more

Cooper's Hawk
Accipiter cooperii

ADULT Has dark blue-gray upperparts, darkest on crown and palest on nape (creating capped effect). U… read more

Northern Goshawk
Accipiter gentilis

ADULT Has mainly gray-brown upperparts; pale underparts are finely barred with gray. Legs are yellow… read more

Sharp-shinned Hawk
Accipiter striatus

ADULT Has mainly dark blue-gray upperparts, barred orange-rufous underparts, and fluffy white vent f… read more

Golden Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos

ADULT Has mainly dark brown plumage, with paler margins to feathers on back, and golden-brown feathe… read more

White-tailed Hawk
Buteo albicaudatus

ADULT Has gray head and back, rufous "shoulders" (inner wing coverts), dark wings, and white underpa… read more

Zone-tailed Hawk
Buteo albonotatus

ADULT Has uniformly blackish plumage except for tail, which is banded above and below. Legs, feet, a… read more

Short-tailed Hawk
Buteo brachyurus

ADULT LIGHT MORPH Has mostly dark brown upperparts with rufous patch on side of neck; white patch in… read more

Red-tailed Hawk
Buteo jamaicensis

ADULT Has brown head, back, and upper wings, and reddish tail. Most eastern birds have pale underpar… read more

Rough-legged Hawk
Buteo lagopus

ADULT MALE Light morph has gray-brown upperparts and pale head. Underparts are pale but streaked hea… read more

Red-shouldered Hawk
Buteo lineatus

ADULT ssp. lineatus (the typical subspecies in east) Has mostly faintly barred reddish orange underp… read more

Broad-winged Hawk
Buteo platypterus

ADULT Light morph has brown upperparts including head; throat is pale, with dark malar stripe, breas… read more

Ferruginous Hawk
Buteo regalis

ADULT Light morph has a rufous back, pale head streaked gray on nape and cheeks, and pale underparts… read more

Swainson's Hawk
Buteo swainsoni

ADULT Light morph has mainly dark brown upperparts. Head is mainly dark, except for white forehead, … read more

Northern Harrier
Circus cyaneus

ADULT MALE Has pale blue-gray head and upperparts and a striking white rump (only obvious in flight)… read more

Swallow-tailed Kite
Elanoides forficatus

ADULT Has white head, neck, and underparts (including underwing coverts), and otherwise blackish plu… read more

White-tailed Kite
Elanus leucurus

ADULT Has mainly pale gray back and upper wings, except for black "shoulders" (inner upper wing cove… read more

Bald Eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus

ADULT Has a white head, neck, and tail, contrasting with dark brown upperparts and belly. Powerful b… read more

Mississippi Kite
Ictinia mississippiensis

ADULT MALE Has mainly plain gray plumage, dark tail, darker gray back and upper wing coverts and pri… read more

Pandion haliaetus

ADULT Has mainly brown upperparts, except for the pale crown; underparts generally look pale white; … read more

Harris's Hawk
Parabuteo unicinctus

ADULT Has mainly dark brown head, back, underparts, and wings, darkest on wingtips. Perched birds sh… read more

Snail Kite
Rostrhamus sociabilis

ADULT MALE Has mainly dark gray plumage (flight feathers are subtly darker), with broad white band a… read more

Crested Caracara
Caracara cheriway

ADULT Has dark crown and red cere (changes color quickly) that contrast with otherwise whitish neck … read more

Falco columbarius

ADULT MALE Has blue-gray upperparts and buffy, streaked, and spotted underparts. In flight, and from… read more

Aplomado Falcon
Falco femoralis

Male has white face and chest, dark breast band, and otherwise rufous underparts; upperparts are dar… read more

Prairie Falcon
Falco mexicanus

ADULT Has sandy brown upperparts, including nape and crown. Head has pale supercilium, cheek, and th… read more

Peregrine Falcon
Falco peregrinus

ADULT Tundra race (ssp. tundrius) has dark blue-gray upperparts and pale, barred underparts. Note th… read more

Falco rusticolus

ADULT PALE MORPH Has mainly white head and underparts; upperparts including upper tail are white wit… read more

American Kestrel
Falco sparverius

ADULT MALE Has dark-spotted rufous back and blue-gray wing coverts; striking head pattern includes b… read more

1-31 of 31 Birds page: 1