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Birdsthreatened and/or endangeredVireos

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Black-whiskered Vireo
Vireo altiloquus

ADULT Has olive-green back, wings, and tail. Head has blue-gray crown, whitish supercilium, and dark… read more

Black-capped Vireo
Vireo atricapillus

ADULT MALE Has a black hood, and white lores and mask surrounding red eye. Back and rump are greenis… read more

Bell's Vireo
Vireo bellii

ADULT Has greenish upperparts overall; marginally darker wings have two pale wing bars, lower one br… read more

Cassin's Vireo
Vireo cassinii

ADULT Has greenish gray back and grayish hood with white "spectacles." Wings are dark with pale (oft… read more

Yellow-throated Vireo
Vireo flavifrons

ADULT Has yellowish green upperparts and bright yellow lores, eyering, throat, and breast; underpart… read more

Warbling Vireo
Vireo gilvus

ADULT Has olive-green upperparts, marginally darkest on forecrown. Has whitish supercilium and lores… read more

White-eyed Vireo
Vireo griseus

ADULT Has greenish cap, back, and rump. Face, sides of neck, and nape are gray. Eye has pale iris, w… read more

Hutton's Vireo
Vireo huttoni

ADULT Has olive-gray upperparts, grayest in interior subspecies, greenest in Pacific coast subspecie… read more

Red-eyed Vireo
Vireo olivaceus

ADULT Has olive-gray back and neck. Head has striking pattern of dark gray crown and long, white sup… read more

Philadelphia Vireo
Vireo philadelphicus

ADULT Has an olive-green back and neck with a grayish crown, white supercilium, and dark eyestripe w… read more

Plumbeous Vireo
Vireo plumbeus

ADULT Has mainly blue-gray upperparts, with white "spectacles." Dark wings have whitish fringes to i… read more

Blue-headed Vireo
Vireo solitarius

ADULT Has olive-green back and blue-gray hood with striking white "spectacles." Dark wings have yell… read more

Gray Vireo
Vireo vicinior

ADULT Has blue-gray upperparts, darkest on back. Dark eye is accentuated by faint pale eyering. Wing… read more

1-13 of 13 Birds page: 1