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Birdsthreatened and/or endangeredGrebes

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Clark's Grebe
Aechmophorus clarkii

ADULT In summer, has dark gray upperparts (slightly paler than Western) and white underparts; demarc… read more

Western Grebe
Aechmophorus occidentalis

ADULT In summer, has blackish upperparts and white underparts; demarcation between these is most str… read more

Horned Grebe
Podiceps auritus

ADULT In summer, has reddish orange neck and flanks. Back is black and black head is adorned with go… read more

Red-necked Grebe
Podiceps grisegena

ADULT In summer has dark gray-brown upperparts, including nape. Neck and upperparts are brick red, c… read more

Eared Grebe
Podiceps nigricollis

ADULT In summer has blackish head, neck, and back; face is adorned with golden yellow tufts. Flanks … read more

Pied-billed Grebe
Podilymbus podiceps

ADULT In summer, has gray-brown plumage, palest on flanks and neck. Bill is pale gray with a strikin… read more

1-6 of 6 Birds page: 1