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Birdsthreatened and/or endangeredAuks, Murres, Puffins

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Crested Auklet
Aethia cristatella

ADULT SUMMER Has sooty black plumage that is darker above than below. Bill is bright orange-red and … read more

Parakeet Auklet
Aethia psittacula (Cyclorrhynchus psittacula)

ADULT SUMMER Has blackish upperparts, including throat (and sometimes neck and chest too), and other… read more

Least Auklet
Aethia pusilla

ADULT SUMMER Has mainly brown upperparts (note pale wing bars and scapulars) and paler underparts, v… read more

Alca torda

ADULT SUMMER Has a black head, neck, and upperparts, and white underparts; note the neat white wing … read more

Alle alle

ADULT SUMMER Has a black head, neck, and upperparts, and white underparts. At close range, white lin… read more

Marbled Murrelet
Brachyramphus marmoratus

ADULT SUMMER Has rufous brown upperparts and paler marbled brown underparts. ADULT WINTER Has black … read more

Pigeon Guillemot
Cepphus columba

ADULT SUMMER Has mainly blackish plumage with striking white patch on wing, part-dissected by black … read more

Black Guillemot
Cepphus grylle

ADULT SUMMER Has mainly sooty black plumage with striking white patch on wing. ADULT WINTER Has whit… read more

Rhinoceros Auklet
Cerorhinca monocerata

ADULT SUMMER Has gray-brown upperparts, darkest on crown, nape, back, and wings; neck and chest are … read more

Atlantic Puffin
Fratercula arctica

ADULT SUMMER Has mostly black upperparts with dusky white face; underparts are mostly white with a c… read more

Tufted Puffin
Fratercula cirrhata

ADULT SUMMER Has very dark brown plumage that in most situations appears almost jet-black. Note, how… read more

Horned Puffin
Fratercula corniculata

ADULT SUMMER Has black neck, back and wings, dark gray crown, and otherwise white plumage that inclu… read more

Cassin's Auklet
Ptychoramphus aleuticus

ADULT Has smoky blue-gray plumage overall, darkest on head, back, and upper wings, and palest below … read more

Ancient Murrelet
Synthliboramphus antiquus

ADULT SUMMER Has mainly gray back and upper wings, with black flight feathers. Nape, crown, throat, … read more

Common Murre
Uria aalge

ADULT SUMMER Has dark chocolate-brown head and upperparts, including upper wings (darker in northern… read more

Thick-billed Murre
Uria lomvia

ADULT SUMMER Has blackish head, neck, and upperparts, with clean demarcation on chest from white und… read more

1-16 of 16 Birds page: 1