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Birdsthreatened and/or endangeredDucks and Geese

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Wood Duck
Aix sponsa

ADULT MALE Has shiny green-blue crown and mane, adorned with white lines. Chin and throat are white,… read more

Northern Pintail
Anas acuta

ADULT MALE Has chocolate brown head and nape, with white breast extending as stripe up side of head.… read more

American Wigeon
Anas americana

ADULT MALE Has a striking head pattern with green stripe stretching back from eye, creamy white fore… read more

Northern Shoveler
Anas clypeata

ADULT MALE Has shiny green head (looks dark in poor light), white breast, and chestnut on flanks and… read more

Green-winged Teal
Anas crecca

ADULT MALE Has chestnut-orange head with green patch through eye, faintly bordered with yellow. Plum… read more

Cinnamon Teal
Anas cyanoptera

ADULT MALE Has mainly bright cinnamon-red plumage, darkest on back. Note the beady reddish eye. Ecli… read more

Blue-winged Teal
Anas discors

ADULT MALE Has bluish head with diagnostic white crescent. Body is buffy brownish, marbled with dark… read more

Eurasian Wigeon
Anas penelope

ADULT MALE Has orange-red head with yellow forehead. Breast is pinkish, while rest of plumage is mai… read more

Anas platyrhynchos

ADULT MALE Has yellow bill and green, shiny head and upper neck that are separated from chestnut bre… read more

Anas strepera

ADULT MALE Has a buffy gray head and neck, with clear separation from the darker gray, finely patter… read more

Greater White-fronted Goose
Anser albifrons

ADULT Has gray-brown plumage, palest in tundra birds and darkest in taiga birds. All birds show vari… read more

Lesser Scaup
Aythya affinis

ADULT MALE Has black head and neck, former appears shiny purple in good light (green in male Greater… read more

Aythya americana

ADULT MALE Has a reddish orange head and upper neck, clearly demarcated from the black lower neck an… read more

Ring-necked Duck
Aythya collaris

ADULT MALE Has light gray belly and flanks, the leading edge of which is pale and appears as a verti… read more

Tufted Duck
Aythya fuligula

Male has mainly glossy black plumage, with white flanks; bill is mainly gray, becoming pale toward t… read more

Greater Scaup
Aythya marila

ADULT MALE Has green-glossed head and dark breast; both can look black in poor light. Belly and flan… read more

Aythya valisineria

ADULT MALE Has a reddish chestnut head, black breast and vent, and otherwise very pale gray body. No… read more

Branta bernicla

ADULT Has black head and neck with white "collar," dark gray upperparts, and white vent. Breast and … read more

Canada Goose
Branta canadensis

ADULT Has black head and neck, and white cheek. Bill and legs are black. Typical birds have gray-bro… read more

Cackling Goose
Branta hutchinsii

22-27" (56-68 cm). Brownish body with black head, long black neck, conspicuous white cheek patch. Sh… read more

Barnacle Goose
Branta leucopsis

25-28" (63.5-71 cm). A small, white-faced goose; back barred with black and gray; crown, eye line, n… read more

Bucephala albeola

ADULT MALE Has rather large, rounded head that looks black and white in poor light; good light revea… read more

Common Goldeneye
Bucephala clangula

ADULT MALE Has mainly black and white plumage. Rounded, peaked head appears dark in poor light, but … read more

Barrow's Goldeneye
Bucephala islandica

ADULT MALE Has proportionately large, rounded, iridescent purple head with very steep forehead and v… read more

Snow Goose
Chen caerulescens

ADULT WHITE MORPH Has mainly white plumage, with black primaries. Bill and legs are pink. ADULT blue… read more

Emperor Goose
Chen canagica

26-28" (66-71 cm). As large as Snow Goose or Greater White-fronted Goose. Body and wings silvery gra… read more

Ross's Goose
Chen rossii

ADULT WHITE MORPH Has white plumage, except for black primaries. Bill and legs are pink. ADULT blue … read more

Long-tailed Duck
Clangula hyemalis

ADULT MALE In winter and spring looks mainly black, gray, and white, with buffy patch around eye and… read more

Trumpeter Swan
Cygnus buccinator

ADULT Has essentially pure white plumage although feathers on neck and belly are sometimes stained w… read more

Tundra Swan
Cygnus columbianus

ADULT Has essentially pure white plumage, although this can appear rather dirty after feeding in mur… read more

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
Dendrocygna autumnalis

ADULT Has an orange-brown back, breast, and lower neck. Upper neck and head are gray, except for ruf… read more

Harlequin Duck
Histrionicus histrionicus

ADULT MALE Has mainly dark blue body plumage and red flanks. Head is adorned with white markings: cr… read more

Hooded Merganser
Lophodytes cucullatus (Mergus cucullatus)

ADULT MALE Has large crest that can be flattened or fanned, presenting a large, gleaming white patch… read more

White-winged Scoter
Melanitta fusca

ADULT MALE Has mainly black plumage (dark brown on flanks), which emphasizes striking white horizont… read more

Black Scoter
Melanitta nigra

ADULT MALE Has uniformly black plumage. Otherwise dark bill has a striking bulbous yellow knob at ba… read more

Surf Scoter
Melanitta perspicillata

ADULT MALE Has mainly black plumage, but note prominent white patches on nape and forehead. Bill is … read more

Common Merganser
Mergus merganser

ADULT MALE Unmistakable, with bright red-orange bill, glossy green head (looks dark in poor light), … read more

Red-breasted Merganser
Mergus serrator

ADULT MALE Has a narrow reddish bill, a green head (looks dark in poor light), white neck, and strea… read more

Ruddy Duck
Oxyura jamaicensis

ADULT MALE In breeding plumage, has orange-chestnut body plumage, white cheeks, black cap and nape, … read more

Steller's Eider
Polysticta stelleri

Male has white head, with black eye patch and chin, lime green topknot, black stern, and black fligh… read more

1-40 of 43 Birds page: 1  | 2