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Yellow-pine Chipmunk
Tamias amoenus

A mid-sized, yellowish chipmunk. Has brighter colors than the Least Chipmunk, with a reddish (not ye… read more

Gray-collared Chipmunk
Tamias cinereicollis

Prominently marked with gray on the cheeks, shoulders and rump. Dorsal stripes are darker than those… read more

Cliff Chipmunk
Tamias dorsalis

Gray back has indistinct stripes. Center dorsal stripe dark, others faint. White patch behind ears. … read more

Merriam's Chipmunk
Tamias merriami

Large chipmunk with a bushy tail. Contrasting dorsal stripes are light gray and brown. Duller, but v… read more

Least Chipmunk
Tamias minimus

A very small chipmunk. Distinguished from other southwestern chipmunks by small size, dull color, an… read more

California Chipmunk
Tamias obscurus

Large chipmunk with a bushy tail. Head is grayish on top and striped in white on the sides. Back has… read more

Panamint Chipmunk
Tamias panamintinus

read more

Colorado Chipmunk
Tamias quadrivittatus

Has bright, contrasting stripes, a grayish forehead, and orangish shoulders. T. q. australis from so… read more

Red-tailed Chipmunk
Tamias ruficaudus

Has a long tail that is red on the underside. Winter form is paler, but still has red tail. … read more

Allen's Chipmunk, Shadow Chipmunk
Tamias senex

Orangish, with a gray rump and bright white outer dorsal stripe. The sides are clay color to tawny; … read more

Lodgepole Chipmunk
Tamias speciosus

A brightly colored chipmunk with broad, pure white outer dorsal stripes. Outermost dark stripes are … read more

Eastern Chipmunk
Tamias striatus

This red-rumped rodent is the only chipmunk in most of eastern North America. Our largest chipmunk. … read more

Townsend's Chipmunk
Tamias townsendii

The only chipmunk on the coast in its range, has indistinct dorsal stripes and brownish cheeks. The … read more

Uinta Chipmunk
Tamias umbrinus

A brownish chipmunk with brown and white dorsal stripes. Difficult to distinguish by sight. Holds ta… read more

1-14 of 14 Mammals page: 1