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Not sure what you just saw? Search eNature's entire database of America's plants and animals to find your answer.
To search, simply choose a species group, then complete any combination of optional search criteria.
Search Tips

Choose one category from the list below. Click "About Types" to see which seashells the type categories include.
Cones Olives, Bubble Shells, And Others
Helmets And Conchs Limpets
Murexes, Tritons, Whelks and Others Keyhole Limpets
Worm and Carrier Shells Slipper and Cup-and-Saucer Shells
Caecums and Tusks Abalones
Augers, Horn Shells, and Others Chitons
Dove Shells, Ceriths, And Others Scallops
Periwinkles, Wentletraps, And Others Cockles, Arks, Angel Wings, And Others
Tops And Turbans Clams, Pandoras, And Others
Moon Snails, Nerites, And Others Mussels, Razor Clams, And Pen Shells
Trivias and Cowries Oysters, Jewel Boxes, And Jingle Shells
Margin Shells and Eratos

Choose one or more colors that appear on the seashell you are searching for.
  red   blue   brown
  pink   purple   black
  orange   iridescent   gray
  yellow-gold   tan   white

Choose the size category that best fits the seashell you are trying to identify.
.25-.5 inch .5-1 inch 1-2.5 inches 2.5-5 inches over 5 inches

Choose one or more habitats from the choices below.
Sandy beaches Rocks
Mud flats Tidepools
Piers, driftwood & pilings Coral reefs
Choose the region of North America in which you saw the seashore creature. Click "View Map" to see the regions.
Nova Scotia to Cape Cod
Southern Florida
Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras
Southern California
Cape Hatteras to Southern Texas
West Coast north of Southern California