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Not sure what you just saw? Search eNature's entire database of America's plants and animals to find your answer.
To search, simply choose a species group, then complete any combination of optional search criteria.
Search Tips

Choose one category from the list below. Click "About Types" to see which fishes the type categories include.
Freshwater types
Elongate Fishes With Long Snouts Trouts And Salmons
Eel-like Fishes And Catfishes Killifishes and Livebearers
Minnows, Suckers, And Shadlike Fishes Over 7 Inches Darters And Sculpins
Minnows And Shiners Under 7 Inches Flatfishes, Sunfishes, And Perchlike Fishes

Saltwater types
Sharklike Fishes Fishes With Spiny Rays Or Tapering Bodies
Skates And Raylike Fishes Basslike Fishes, Grunts, And Snappers
Eel-like Fishes And Long Dorsal-finned Fishes Angelfishes And Disc-like Fishes
Drumlike Fishes, Cods, Trouts, And Catfishes Parrotfishes And Wrasses
Sticklebacks Spindle-shaped Fishes And Large, Robust Fishes
Long, Slender Fishes Flatfishes
Seahorses Puffers, Boxfishes, And Fishes With Lures

Choose one or more colors that appear on the fish you are searching for.
  reddish   green   black
  pink   blue   gray
  orange   purple   silver
  yellow   brown   white

Choose the size category that best fits the fish you are trying to identify.
under 6 inches 6-12 inches 1-2 feet 2-5 feet 5-10 feet
over 10 feet

Choose one or more habitats from the choices below.
Open ocean Tidepools
Ocean or bay shallows Rivers & streams
Estuaries, tidal flats & salt marshes Lakes & ponds

Choose the region of North America in which you saw the species. Click "View Map" to see the regions.
New England
Mid Atlantic
Eastern Canada
Rocky Mountains
Western Canada
Alaska and The North
Great Lakes