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Cory's Shearwater Calonectris diomedea


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Cory's Shearwater from below
credit: Tom Allmendinger/CCSA

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Family: Procellariidae, Shearwaters and Petrels view all from this family

Description ALL BIRDS (not possible to age birds at sea in our region) Have mainly buffish brown upperparts with darker wingtips and a dark tip to tail (sometimes shows a limited amount of white at base of tail). Underparts are white, the wings having dark margins. Bill is dark-tipped and yellow.

Dimensions Length: 20-22" (51-56 cm)

Habitat Common summer visitor (mainly Jun-Aug) from its east Atlantic island breeding grounds. Numbers vary from year to year.

Observation Tips Usually easy to see in small numbers on pelagic trips in summer.

Range New England, Florida, Eastern Canada, Mid-Atlantic, Texas, Southeast

Voice Mostly silent, but cackles when squabbling over food.

Discussion Large and impressive seabird. Flight is effortless: banks and glides on wings held stiffly or bowed. Only seen at sea and views are typically distant and brief, except where birds gather at a good feeding source (e.g. fishing boat). Sexes are similar.