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Chihuahuan Raven Corvus cryptoleucus


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Chihuahuan Raven
credit: Aaron/CCSA

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Corvidae, Crows, Magpies, Jays view all from this family

Description ADULT Has glossy black plumage. JUVENILE Similar, but with brown wash to plumage.

Dimensions Length: 19-21" (48-53 cm)

Habitat Fairly common in deserts and dry grasslands of southwestern U.S. Mostly resident, but range expands north in summer and contracts south in winter.

Observation Tips Tail shape, neck featherbases and call separate Chihuahuan and Common Ravens.

Range Texas, Plains, Rocky Mountains, Southwest

Voice Utters a coarse, croaking who-aak; distinctly crowlike and lacking deep resonance of Common Raven.

Discussion Arid-country corvid. Very similar to Common Raven. Smaller size is of little use in field identification. Overall, looks sleeker and with less shaggy throat than Common; bill is also subtly shorter, and its tail is more rounded and less wedge-shaped. Diagnostic white bases to neck feathers are sometimes revealed if feathers are wind-ruffled. Sexes are similar.