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Eurasian Wigeon Anas penelope


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Eurasian Wigeon pair
credit: Kuribo/CCSA

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Family: Anatidae, Ducks and Geese view all from this family

Description ADULT MALE Has orange-red head with yellow forehead. Breast is pinkish, while rest of plumage is mainly gray and finely marked except for white belly and striking black and white vent. In flight, note striking white patch on wing. Bill is pale gray and dark-tipped. Eclipse male recalls adult female. ADULT FEMALE Mainly reddish brown, darkest on head and back, but with white belly and vent; lacks male's white wing patch. Bill is gray and dark-tipped. JUVENILE Resembles adult female.

Dimensions Length: 18-20" (46-51 cm)

Habitat A few thousand winter on Pacific coast, mainly in Washington and British Columbia.

Range Northwest, Florida, Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes, Texas, Western Canada, California, Southeast, Eastern Canada, Alaska, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Plains

Voice Male utters evocative wheee-oo whistling call.

Discussion Robust duck. Male is colorful and distinctive. Gregarious outside breeding season. Feeds by dabbling and grazing terrestrial grassland. Sexes are dissimilar and females are hard to distinguish from female American Wigeon.