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Greater Amberjack Seriola dumerili


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Greater Amberjack
credit: Bryan Harry

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Family: Carangidae, Jacks view all from this family

Description The Greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) is a jack of the genus Seriola. It is found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian coasts, living usually between 20 and 70 m of depth (with a maximum of 360 m). It is the largest genus in the Carangidae family, with a maximum length of 200 cm.

It is a fast swimming pelagic fish with similar habits to the kingfish. They are silver-blue with a golden side line, with a brown band crossing over the eye area.

The Greater amberjack is a powerful hunter which feeds on other fish and invertebrates.

The Greater Amberjack is prized by sports fisherman because it is a very powerful fish & can be quite large, even as much as 70 kg. The Greater Amberjack is an excellent eating fish. It is also a big game fish and are one of the greatest fighting fish pound for pound.

Dimensions Up to 5' (1.5 m); 155 1/2 lbs (70.5 kg).

Habitat Open ocean, Ocean or bay shallows, Estuaries, tidal flats & salt marshes, Tidepools.

Range New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Florida, Texas.