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Hogchoker Trinectes maculatus


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credit: Clinton & Charles Robertson/CCSA

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Family: Soleidae, Soles view all from this family

Description The Hogchoker (Trinectes maculatus) is a small flatfish found along the coast of parts of North America. They prefer brackish water, and are abundant in many bays and estuaries north of the Carolinas (another similar species replaces it south of the Carolinas). It is a member of the Sole family soledae. They are usually brown to dark brown in color, and lighter on their "blind side" (side lacking an eye). The overall body color is often broken by a series of spots and thin stripes, which can be lighter or darker than the main body color. The fins and tail have fringed edges helping hide the fish from its prey. They mainly feed on small aquatic insects and invertebrates.

Distinguished from other species by an inter-brachial septum lacking a foramen. Also, Trinectes maculatus often has no (rarely one) ray(s) in its pectoral fin.

Dimensions Up to 6" (15 cm).

Habitat Estuaries, tidal flats & salt marshes, Ocean or bay shallows, Rivers & streams, Tidepools.

Range New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Florida, Texas.