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Baltimore Checkerspot Caterpillar Euphydryas phaeton


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Baltimore Checkerspot caterpillar
credit: Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Forestry Archive, ,

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Family: Nymphalidae, Brush-footed Butterflies view all from this family

Description Unlike most butterflies and moths, which overwinter as eggs, pupae, or sometimes adults, the Baltimore Checkerspot overwinters as larvae. In late summer (sometime in July through September depending on latitude, weather, and other factors) the larvae spin a pre-hibernation web on a plant, stop feeding, and remain in the web. Several months later they leave this web and enter the litter (dead grass and leaves and so on) on the ground, where they spend the winter.

Dimensions Mature caterpillar, to 1" (25 mm).

Habitat Forests & woodlands, Freshwater swamps, marshes & bogs, Meadows & fields.

Range New England, Western Canada, Great Lakes, Plains, Eastern Canada, Mid-Atlantic.