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Tailed Orange Eurema proterpia


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Tailed Orange
credit: Megan McCarty

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Family: Pieridae, Whites and Sulphurs view all from this family

Description The Tailed Orange (Eurema proterpia) is a North and South American butterfly in the family Pieridae.

The upper side of the wings is orange with a variable amount of black along the fore wing costa. The wing veins are lightly marked with black in summer individuals, and winter individuals have no black veins. Males reflect UV light on their upper sides, and some females can be white. The underside of the wings varies depending on the season. Summer individuals are yellow-orange with the hind wing slightly pointed. Winter individuals are brown with darker brown markings with the hind wing being much more pointed. The wingspan measures 1 to 1 inches.

Dimensions 1 3/8-1 3/4" (35-44 mm).

Habitat Scrub, shrub & brushlands.

Range Southwest, Texas.