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Checkered White Pontia protodice


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Checkered White, Male
credit: Megan McCarty/CCSA

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Alternate name: Common White

Family: Pieridae, Whites and Sulphurs view all from this family

Description The Checkered White (Pontia protodice), also called Southern Cabbage Butterfly, is a common North American butterfly in the family Pieridae. Its green larva is a type of cabbage worm.

The upper side of the wings are white and marked with black and gray, more so on the female. The underside of the hindwings are marked with extensive yellow-brown veins. The wingspan is 1.25-1.75 in.

Dimensions 1 1/4-1 3/4" (32-44 mm).

Habitat Cities, suburbs & towns, Grasslands & prairies, Meadows & fields.

Range Texas, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Plains, Rocky Mountains, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, California, Southwest, Great Lakes, Florida, New England, Northwest.