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Boltonia Boltonia asteroides


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© Mrs. W.D. Bransford

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Alternate name: White Doll's-daisy

Family: Asteraceae, Aster view all from this family

Description Native herbaceous perennial.
Habit: erect, height 6-30" or more.
Leaf: widely linear to lanceolate.
Flower: borne in clusters, each flower head 3/4"-1.5" wide; numerous white/pink petals radiate from a domed yellow/red disk. Spreads by underground stolons.

Flower Late summer (July) until frost.

Habitat Gravelly shores, sandy thickets, sunny sites with sandy or loamy soil.

Range Eastern U.S. from Maine to Florida, west to the Dakotas and south to Texas; the Northwest in Oregon and Idaho. Not reported in New Hampshire and West Virginia.

Discussion Also known as: aster-like boltonia, star boltonia, false aster, white doll's daisy. Endangered in Maryland and Pennsylvania. A wetland indicator in the Northwest.