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Leather Star Dermasterias imbricata


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Leather Star
credit: Mila Zinkova/CCSA

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Description Dermasterias imbricata or the leather star is a starfish in the family Asteropseidae. It is found at depths of up to one hundred metres off the western seaboard of North America.

The leather star has a broad central disc and five plump short arms which taper broadly from the central disc. The arms have two rows of tube feet and no bordering marginal plates. The upper surface is smooth and velvety, covered with a reticulated pattern in reddish-brown, often with patches of greyish-blue. There are no pedicellariae but the madreporite can be seen. This starfish can grow to about twenty-five centimetres in diameter and has a distinctive smell that resembles garlic and sulphur.

Habitat Rocks, Piers, driftwood & pilings.

Range California, Western Canada, Northwest, Alaska.