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False Sea Lemon Archidoris montereyensis


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False Sea Lemon
credit: Steve Lonhart

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Alternate name: Monterey Doris

Category: Nudibranchs view all from this category

Description Oval, with bright yellow to yellow-orange coloring. Seven yellow branchial plumes and light yellow ground color. Black spots on the notum extend from the dorsum to cover some of the tubercles. The pattern and number of black spots varies greatly, with some having only a few to nearly solid.

Averages about 44 mm in length but can reach 150 mm. Ranges from Kachemak Bay, Alaska to San Diego, California and is named for its type locality, Monterey Bay, California.

Archidoris montereyensis preys on the encrusting sponges Haliclona and Halichondia. Appearance quite similar to Anisodoris lentiginosa Millen, 1982 and Anisodoris nobilis (MacFarland, 1905), both which it co-occurs with.

Habitat Rocks, Ocean or bay shallows.

Range Alaska, Northwest, California, Western Canada.