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Night Snake Hypsiglena torquata


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Night Snake
credit: Dawson

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Family: Colubridae, Colubrid Snakes view all from this family

Description Pale grey, light brown, or beige in color with dark grey or brown blotches on the back and sides. Head is rather flat and triangular shaped and usually has a pair of dark brown blotches on the neck. Lack or dark brown bar behind the eyes that contrast against the white or pale grey upper labial scales. Belly of the nightsnake is white or yellowish and it also has a vertical pupil.

Dimensions 30.5-66cm. (12-36")

Subspecies Disagreement as to whether there is a subspecies or whether this species is a subspecies itself.

Breeding 4-6 eggs in a clutch laid April-July. Hatch after 7-8 weeks.

Habitat Arid and semiarid areas.

Range British Columbia through Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Texas into Mexico.

Discussion Nocturnal. Rarely seen. Hides under plant litter or rocks. Lizards, frogs are main prey. Grooved teeth on back of upper jaw releases a toxic saliva that incapacitates prey.