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Texas Blind Snake Leptotyphlops dulcis


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Texas Blind Snake, New Mexico subspecies
credit: LA Dawson

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Alternate name: Plains Threadsnake

Family: Leptoyyphlopidae, Slender Blind Snakes view all from this family

Description Much like shiny earthworms. They are pinkish or brown in color with a deep sheen to their scales. They appear not to be segmented. Their eyes are no more than two dark dots under the head scales. Their mouths are small and set in an underbite. Silvery, pinkish or tan.

Dimensions 12.7-27.3cm. (5-10 3/4")

Subspecies Plains - scale between eye scale and scales around nostril. Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico.
New Mexico - Upper lip has 2 scales between eye and nasal scale. Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona to Mexico.

Breeding 2-7 eggs. Thin shelled. Laid June/July. Females guard eggs, often share nesting sites. Young are 7cm (2 3/4"( when hatched.

Habitat Deserts, prairies and mountain slopes in arid areas.

Range Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico to New Mexico.

Discussion Nocturnal. Burrows. Rarely seen overground unless after rain or in the evening. Eaten by chicken in farmyards, since its mistaken for worms. Coils and writhes to defend itself and smears excrement all over body. Termites and ants form main diet.