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Rainbow Snake Farancia erytrogramma


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Rainbow Snake
credit: Allen Garrett

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Family: Colubridae, Colubrid Snakes view all from this family

Description Smooth, glossy bluish-black back scales, in 19 rows, with three red stripes. Short tails, with a spiny tip which they sometimes use as a probe. Sometimes yellow coloration along the sides and on head.

Dimensions 89-167.6cm. (35-66")

Subspecies Common Rainbow - red belly. Maryland through Florida and Mississippi river.
Southern Florida - Black pigment on belly scales. Lake Okeechobee, Florida.

Breeding July, 20-52 eggs laid in sandy soil cavity.

Habitat Sandy soil in or near water source - streams, rivers, swamps and marshland.

Range Maryland to Florida coastal plain and Mississippi.

Discussion Secretive habitat mean it is rarely spotted. Hide under aquatic vegetation. Eels, frogs, tadpoles and salamanders form main diet. Spine on tail harmless.