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Mesquite Lizard Sceloporus grammicus microlepidotus (Sceloporus grammicus disparilis)


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Mesquite Lizard, female
credit: Agkistrodon

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Family: Phrynosomatidae, Earless and Horned Lizards view all from this family

Description Spiny. Granular scales along back, but don't overlap on thighs. Olive-gray, 4-6 crossbars on back. Dorsolateral stripes. Triangular patch on males shoulder. Small scales on sides of neck.

Dimensions 10-17.5cm. (4-6 7/8")

Breeding Breeds in fall. Keeps eggs inside body for incubation, gives the illusion of bearing live young. Born January-March, 4-12 per litter.

Habitat Arid to semi-arid areas with low shrub and trees.

Range Texas to Mexico.

Discussion Diurnal. Hides high up in trees. Skin color blends into mesquite tree colors. Very shy. Will flee if threatened or disturbed, and so is rarely seen.